Our Services

Residential Solar

A solar energy system on your house will have many benefits including a lower electricity bill, an increased resale value of your home, and of course reducing harm to our environment.

It all starts by looking at the usage on your electricity bill. Our team will review this with you and customise a solar energy system installation to suit your energy consumption needs and also the construction style of your home.

Commercial Solar

By choosing solar for your business you can reduce your environmental impact whilst lowering your ongoing operating costs. Businesses are eligible for government incentives, which will discount your commercial solar energy system.

Battery Storage

Why not capture and store all excess solar energy produced during the day? By installing a battery with your solar energy system you will maximise your solar at all times during the day. The grid will become only your back-up energy source. You will still have power in the case of a black out!

Speak to our team today about adding battery storage to your solar system.

Stand-Alone Power Systems

A Stand-Alone Power System (SAPS) lives up to its name “Stand-Alone”, also known as Off-Grid Power Systems.

Where the power grid is not available or getting the infrastructure is not feasible, a Stand-Alone Power System is now a popular and cost effective way to power your home.

Renewable energy technologies have transformed this market and have given people in rural areas the ability to use these technologies in a cost effective way.

Solar Repairs

Procomm Systems will help you with your solar energy system repairs. If you are experiencing problems we can help you find a high performing solution to get your solar energy system operating efficiently, no matter where you purchased your solar energy system from or who installed it.

We have achieved a reputation to exceed our customers’ expectations with our professionalism and commitment to excellence.


We offer our customers maintenance and monitoring solutions to make sure your solar energy system is operating correctly, that system performance is maintained and the system is safe for everyone in the premises as well as for any electrical workers working on the distribution network.